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Le Phare

Le Phare: built 1968, based on a Seamaster Commodore but with a unique configuration oftwin Newage 2.2 Diesels in…

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le phare Seamaster Commodore sold
1983 model Seamaster 30

Crystal – Seamaster 30

1983 model Seamaster 30 with bespoke cockpit canopy. New galley, heads…

seamaster 27 sold

Seamaster 27

My Solace, factory built 1970/71. Very good condition for age ,…

stardust1974 Seamaster 30 uk

Stardust Seamaster 30

Stardust is a 1974/75(ish) Seamaster 30. Lovingly restored by David James,…

Seamaster 23 for sale

Seamaster 23

Sadly selling my Seamaster23 due to change of plans. I have…


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