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Reasons why you should consider joining the Seamaster Club

The Seamaster Club is a club specifically for owners of Seamaster Boats – motor boats and sailers manufactured by the original Seamaster Company in Great Dunmow, Essex, UK and Nelson and boats built on Seamaster hulls including the new Viking Seamaster ranges also produced at Great Dunmow.

The Club offers a range of benefits to its members, and with the original manufacturers having gone out of business in 1981, the collective knowledge  archive documents and materials held by the Club and know-how from ex-Seamaster employees, mean that Seamaster Club members have access to an enviable amount of knowledge, skill and advice.


Why should I join?

Quarterly magazine - Club merch - Technical advice - Members weekends - Meet-ups - Suppliers Discounts - Insurance Discounts

Quarterly Magazine

Recieve a copy of the great Seamasters magazine

Technical Advice & Library

Technical advice and know-how available to members

Club Shop

Get access to the Club shop to see the merchandise

Meet Ups & Events

Come and make friends at our regular informal meet-ups

seamaster club magazine

Quarterly Magazine

All members get our regular Seamaster Magazine every other month!

Our quarterly magazine is crammed full of boating items and information on Seamaster's. Technical hints and tips, along with maintenance suggestions and help. It details member events and other essential information for enjoying your Seamaster.

Meet our other members

We have hundreds of Seamaster club members that would love to hear from you!

seamasters membership events

Seamaster Events

Come and relax with our other members at one of our events

seamaster members discount

Members Discounts

As a member you get suppliers discounts and even insurance discounts

seamaster boat technical help

Need a bit of help?

Get access to our technical resources and get help you with your questions

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