Seamaster 725

Seamaster 725 High Performance Family Cruiser

Unfortunately, good as these craft were, they were not sufficient to save the firm and only forty were built in 1980 and 1981 before the close. From 1984 the new Seamaster Ltd built another thirty boats.
The hull is medium V with shallpw keel and three spray rails.
With the various engine options she was capable of speeds up to 25 knots for inshore and coastal work.


Length 23'10"; Beam 9'1", Draft 2'9" Air draught 7'7" Headroom 6'0" Weight 2.5 tons.

Engine options:

Single Volvo Penta Aquamatic 120/270 or 145A/280 petrol engine with transmount drive
Single Volvo Penta Aquamatic D21/280 diesel engine with transmount drive
Twin Volvo Penta Aquamatic 120/270 petrol engines with transmount drives

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