Seamaster 27

Seamaster 27 Motor Cruiser

This was undoubtedly the most popular craft produced by the Seamaster factory.
Introduced in late 1965 and, excluding hull and superstructure sales,
over 600 were completed by the time it was withdrawn in 1974.

The Seamaster 27 is an excellent river, estuary and inshore boat but was not designed for rough sea work or greater than force 5 to 6 winds.


Length: 26'8"; Beam: 9'4"; Draught: 2'1"
Weight: 2½ tons; Headroom: 6' throughout.

Engine options:

various Wortham Blake / Ford petrol engines, 1.2 - 1.6 litre.
various diesel engines - BMC "Captain" 1.5 litre, Perkins 4107 or 4108,
and Wortham Blake Fisherboy 1.5 litre

Hull and superstructure were used by many other companies including Springfield, and many other boatyards.

The Seamaster 27 was featured in "Popular Cruisers" in the Motor Boats Monthly May 1995 issue.

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