Seamaster 23S

Seamaster Sailer 23

Designed by Laurent Giles in 1968 and production ceased in 1975 with the closing of the northern factory.


Length Overall: 23'; Beam 8'; Draught: bilge keel 2,9";
Lifting keel: Centre Board up 2'6" and down 5'6".
Ballast ratio: 40%


Stuart Turner 6 hp petrol, or Albin 5 hp petrol, or
Volvo MD1 6 hp diesel or Bukh 10 hp diesel.


Standard: Main 110 sq ft, No 1 Staysail 120 sq ft.
Optional: Genoa 177 sq ft, No 2 Staysail 74 sq ft
No 3 37 sq ft, Spinnaker

The Seamaster Sailer 23 was featured in the July 2001 issue of Sailing Today. They compared it with the Pageant and several other boats of similar size and concluded:
"Like the Pageant, a Laurent Giles design, with similar accommodation at a slightly lower price." They gave a guide price of about £6,500 +/- £1,500.

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