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The Seamaster Club exists to help owners get the most from their boats and to enhance their boating pleasure.

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Seamaster Club

Celebrating 27 Years.


Advertisements are included in this web site, and in the Seamaster Club magazine "Seamaster Lives On", at the discretion of the editor. Seamaster Club Members may advertise without charge but non Members will be asked for a nominal sum (e.g. £20) as a contribution to the cost of the advert in the magazine.

Advertisements will normally be displayed for up to 4 months. This may be extended on application to the Webmaster or the Magazine Editor.

The Club and Editor cannot be held responsible for the actual state of a boat or other item advertised. The Club and Editor are not responsible for the prices asked and will not advise on price. Any dispute regarding price or condition must be resolved between vendor and buyer.

To advertise in these pages please forward details of the advert (or telephone 07714519224. Remember to include price, where lying, contact name and phone / email address, and provide photo if appropriate.

Will vendors PLEASE inform the Editor directly when they have sold their boats and / or other items (or telephone 07714519224).

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