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The Seamaster Club exists to help owners get the most from their boats and to enhance their boating pleasure.

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Seamaster Club

Celebrating 26 Years.

Technical Advice

A service available to members only.


The following members offer technical advice and support to members: Each is happy to provide a level of advice to members about technical problems within their capabilities. In addition some may provide assistance in curing the problem. If we prove unable to solve your problem, and you get advice from elsewhere that does, please give us the benefit of that advice so that others may benefit later.

Please bear in mind, when contacting them, that they are all volunteers offering their advice to help other members of the Club. They give up valuable spare time to help the Club in this way and may not always be available, or may be unable to respond as quickly as you might like. There will also be occasions when they do not know the answer to your problem, Please understand and behave accordingly.

Technical Manuals.

Jane Wall holds a wide range of technical manuals, mainly on engines, gearboxes and outdrives, used in Seamaster boats and can provide relevant material to members at no cost. These include some plans. We have to be careful not to infringe copyright and must ask you also not to break the copyright rules. Please ensure that any material loaned to you is returned to Jane in due course.

Contact Jane by telephone on: 01494 81 4040

Seamaster Motor Cruisers:

Paul Killick, committee member and proprietor of Weyside Marine: advises on boating generally and specialises on Seamaster Motor Cruisers. May be contacted by email or telephone. Will undertake a full range of repairs at reasonable cost in the south of England and elsewhere.

Contact him: normally by email: or Tel: 01932-889723 or Mob: 07831 204549

Barry Evans: a member of the Great Ouse and Fens area is happy to provide telephone advice to members and may offer to provide assistance in his local area.

Contact him: by telephone on 01945 772 823



Seamaster Yachts & Sailers:

Mike Benson: our South West Coast coordinator has a Seamaster 23 Sailer and is happy to provide advice on this model and other Seamaster Sailers.

Contact him: Normally by telephone on: 01822 840 209, or email:

Ian Sandell: Ian and Jean Sandell: our South East Coast coordinators have a Seamaster 29 Sailer and are happy to provide advice on this model and other Seamaster Sailers. Ian also offers advice on boating matters and boats in general, including Seamaster Motor Cruisers.

Contact: normally by email: or by phone on 01372 725 944.

On-Line Technical Advisers

In general, it is easiest for you to contact Paul Killick or Mike Benson if enquiring on-line.

When contacting these members for advice please ensure you give them your name, your boat name and model and your contact details. Your membership number will also help.