Seamaster Club 2018

The Seamaster Club exists to help owners get the most from their boats and to enhance their boating pleasure.

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Seamaster Club

Celebrating 26 Years.

The Broads and East Coast

Broads and East Coast

It has been said that the Broads Seamaster crew will turn up to the opening of an envelope and its true!!

We’re a jolly friendly bunch who have a number of meets during the year ranging from lunches, afloat raft ups, BBQs, meals out and in 2016 even a trip to the Dogs!

There are a number of great facilities throughout the Broads and we do try to have both our earlier and later meets when shore power is available – oil fired radiators are the way forwards. We have even barbecued in the snow! Whatever the weather – we’re ready!

Stern on mooring is mainly the order of the day at our meets and we are all getting very proficient at it. We also have a large tent which is now erected at speed at our Beccles Navy Lark meet and gazebos for use at other events.

Most of the boats can cruise directly to all the meets although the Seamaster 30s are challenged at both Wroxham and Ludham Bridges – but there is always the car. 

Why not pop along and say hello – you don’t have to come by boat or stay for the whole meet - it would be great to see you!

Broads and East Coast Diary

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